Tecnobodega Ingeniería products

  • Glass and PET Bottlers
  • Manufacturing according to needs
  • Small, medium and large productions
  • Maximum reliability
  • Multiple stoppers
  • Manufacturing according to needs, multiple possibilities
  • Small, medium and large productions
  • Maximum reliability
Labeling machine
  • Small, medium and large productions
  • All types of bottles and containers
  • Rotary labellers
  • Linear Labellers
  • Linear labeling machines with capping
  • Highest precision
Washing machine
  • Outdoor bottle washing
  • Complete drying of bottles
  • Possibility of independent drying
  • Small, medium and large productions
  • Maximum reliability


Enomet products

Reception and processing of grapes

Bozza Ricezione Pieghevole

Reception and elaboration of grapes.


Bozza Birra


Small tubular press

Bozza Hoby Pieghevole A3 1015

Tubular membrane press for wine and fruit juices. Ideal for small wineries and hobbies.


Bozza Pieghevole Dhea 1116

Tubular membrane press.


Bozza Pompe Pieghevole A3

Peristaltic pumps with elliptical rotor.

Wine Filter

Bozza Galileo Pieghevole A3

Recovery of carbonic anhydride from fermentation.

Wine Filter

Bozza Filtrazione Pieghevole A3 0716

All solutions to your filtration problems.

Wine Filter

Bozza Kalium Pieghevole A3

Ionic exchange specialists.


Bozza Refrigerazione

Our cold in your cellar. Dynamism, competence and simplicity.

Sparkling wine

Bozza Aib Pieghevole A3

From today you can produce sparkling wine directly in your cellar!


Bozza Afrodite

For the quality of its wines, clarification of the musts in just 2 hours.